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A workshop transmission

Paul-Clement Dambier entered an apprenticeship in 2014 with Jean-Pierre Michel who trained him in conservation and restoration of artworks and traditional techniques.

Jean-Pierre Michel in the 1980s in the studio of the painter Pierre Tal-Coat. 

TousAzimuts, Art et Joaillerie was created in Paris in 1980 by Jean-Pierre Michel, jeweler and art historian, then founder of the Galerie H-M.

TousAzimuts combines the high standards of fine jewelry with contemporary and classic creations.

In 2014 he was joined by Paul-Clement Dambier with whom he became a partner in 2018, after four years of training.


"The designer should never repeat himself, that's why we only create unique pieces. "

In 2022, we are organizing a triple exhibition at the Duino Castle (Trieste, Italy) where Paul-Clement Dambier's creations will dialogue with a selection of Chinese and Japanese imperial art from Jean-Pierre Michel's collections.


Jean-Pierre Michel (born in 1945) is a Swiss art historian, collector, restorer, translator and author, creator and curator of the museum François Guiguet.

His paternal grandfather, Johann Adolf Michel, Swiss diplomat, creator of the Post Office and telephone networks in Abyssinia, State Counselor of Menelik II, gathered during his life an abundant collection of works of art from all over the world. On his mother's side, we find the painter François Guiguet(friend of Degasand Puvis de Chavannesof Toulouse-Lautrec and neighbor of Picasso at the Bateau-Lavoir) as well as Joseph-Henri Guiguet, pioneer of the French aviation, Ace of the First World War.

All these examples led him to pursue the family collections, especially the one on China, and in the 1980s he founded with Jean-Raphaël Hirsch the H-M Gallery (Hirsch-Michel) in Paris where he exhibits antique pieces, precious stones from his jewelry brand "TousAzimuts, Art and Jewelry"and will defend some rare contemporary painters such as Kei Mitsuuchi or sehis friends Pierre Tal-Coat, Angel Alonsoand Budwin Conn3. He also exhibits the ceramist Daniel de Montmollin and the master glassmaker Olivier Juteau.

In 1984, he founded the Museum François Guiguet of which he will be the curator and will publish a book dedicated to the painter.

In 2012, Jean-Pierre Michel restores and mounts the drawings of Fragonard of the Museum of Grasse.

In 2014, he trained in the conservation and restoration of Paul-Clément Dambier's works on paper, and defended the works of the young painter-sculptor by publishing his bronze sculptures.

Jean-Pierre Michel also publishes the sculpted work of Thierry Alonso Gravleur.

Beauty of Jinling - Tempera on silk - Wang MeiFang

Collections and exhibitions :


At the age of 18, he bought his first Chinese coins and continued for more than 50 years. He will be happy to establish deep friendships between China and Switzerland which will allow him to deepen his knowledge and to enrich considerably his vast collections initiated by his grandparents (paintings, calligraphies, ink loaves, brushes, jades, piying etc.). His friend Danielle Elisseeff, historian of China and Japan will encourage him, as well as François Thierry de Crussol, General Curator of the National Libraries of Francewho will help him a lot in the deciphering and dating of his most ancient coins.

In 2005, on the occasion of the Festival des Antipodes, he exhibited his important collection of Australian opals in Saint-Tropez.

Following the exhibition for the Year of China in Saint-Tropez in 2004, he exhibited in 2006 a large part of his Chinese art collection at the Castello Di Duino in Italy, with the precious help of François Thierry de Crussol and Danielle Elisseeffwhile being a member of the scientific committee6. On this occasion Jean-Pierre Michel publishes "Modernity of the traditional Chinese money" of François Thierry de Crussol and the catalog "The Cina al Castello Di Duino "will be entirely dedicated to his collections.. This exhibition gathers the most beautiful works of Wang Meifang and Zhao Guojing including the entire cycle illustrating The Journey to the West and the suite of paintings of the Twelve Beauties of Jinlingthe famous heroines of Dream in the Red Pavilion.




  • Modernity of the Traditional Chinese Currency - François Thierry de Crussol - Castello di Duino - 2006

Created by Jean-Pierre Michel, TousAzimuts Art et Joaillerie combines the high standards of French Haute Joaillerie with contemporary artistic creation.

Tous Azimuts: "... in all directions, from all sides, by all means..."